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The “Sales Through Education Method” aka STEM

There are so many mortgage lenders that it’s difficult to choose. Some people default to the realtor’s preference of lender, or simply end up choosing the cheapest service provider. But the lowest price is not necessarily the best value.

Consumers should look for a value-add, something that is a differentiator. Below is the definition of “value-added” taken straight from Investopedia:

Value-added as defined by, “describes the enhancement a company gives its product or service before offering the product to customers.”

Many lenders will do the same thing. They pre-qualify you, quote you an interest rate, help you fill out paperwork, call you occasionally with an update, and they may explain a few things along the way. There’s nothing different about that.

I have developed something called STEM, “Sales Through Education Method”. Instead of “selling” my clients, I prefer to methodically educate my clients, gain their trust, and earn their business.

Below is the transparent, educational process that I take people through.


  • Thorough online pre-qualification process that realtors and sellers will trust and respect.
  • A clear discussion of the maximum loan amount you are qualified for using standard methods of determining housing and debt ratios, subject to a satisfactory appraisal, and further verifications of income, employment and credit history.

Information and Education:

House Hunting:

  • You’ll have an experienced, direct lender to represent you well during an offer. I send updated pre-qualification letters as needed, help choose appraisal and financing contingency dates, and discuss the closing date timeline.
  • You’ll work with a highly reviewed, well-rated loan officer.


Your Transaction:

  • Multiple lending sources yield competitive pricing.
  • We are not a broker, we process your loan in-house.
  • Regular loan updates at each important milestone of the transaction.
  • Secure transfer of your financial documentation.
  • I stay involved from start to finish.
  • Rapid response to any questions.


  • Post-closing discussions if interest rates drop to see if you can save money by refinancing.
  • PMI drop discussion and reminders after your loan closing if your loan has PMI.
  • Contact me with questions anytime after closing, the relationship does not end after your mortgage transaction closes.