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Brian Martucci provides mortgage loans for people to buy homes and for refinancing. His focus is on the Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia areas but can lend throughout all 50 States.  Learn more about mortgage lending in some of the D.C. metro area neighborhoods he serves in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, using the below links:

However, as mentioned, Brian can lend in any state. Mortgage lending is about education, efficiency, finding your client a competitive rate, delivering on the turn times needed in the sales contract, and not overpromising. As a mortgage loan officer you don’t have to live in the state that the client needs a home loan in. You just need to be efficient, honest and transparent.

So if you live outside of Brian’s focus in the mid Atlantic, you can still reach out to receive excellent service, competitive terms, education and transparency. Email or schedule a call to discuss your needs before getting pre-approved or making an offer on a home. You can never get educated early enough to prepare yourself to buy a home or refinance your existing mortgage.