Reviews OLD

Everyone checks reviews before making a commitment.  A loan process happens behind closed doors where no one can watch me work, and integrity is what you do when someone is not watching, which makes reviews even more important. Below see how I perform as a mortgage lender (Zillow, Yelp, Google, Facebook, Redfin), and what type of person I am (AirBnB, eBay).

706 Reviews (718 five star, 1 four star).

Zillow: 155 Zillow Reviews.

Yelp Reviews: 63 Yelp Reviews.

Google: Washington DC: 64 Google Reviews.

Google: Los Angeles, CA: 7 Google Reviews.

Google: San Francisco, CA: 4 Google Reviews.

Facebook: 25 Facebook Reviews.

LinkedIn: 8 Linkedin Reviews (LinkedIn login required).

Feedback Past Clients: 70+ Past Client Reviews.

Redfin: 16 Redfin Reviews.

eBay: 294 eBay Reviews.

AirBnB: 13 AirBnb Reviews.