2-4 Unit Condos Are Easier To Get A Mortgage Loan For

December 5th, 2021

small condominium

Condo financing can be tricky, but with small 2 to 4 unit condos it has gotten easier. In some urban markets a multifamily home is converted to condominiums. For example, a duplex is turned into two condominium units. Or a triplex is turned into three condominium units. Or a fourplex is turned into four condominium units.

There is required condominium project review that needs to be done on most condominiums. But that is waived on condos that don’t consist of more than four units.

A condominium project review that is required on condominiums that are five units or more is thorough. It will analyze the condominiums budget, reserve accounts, insurance policy, and numerous other things to make sure it meets all required mortgage guidelines.

Condo financing is different than when buying a single-family home. This is because a single-family home does not have bylaws and declarations, operating accounts, and various expenses that a condominium has. So, a condominium project review is normally done to make sure that the condominium project is being run satisfactorily.

The fact that no condominium project review is required on condominium projects which have four units or less is quite generous.

Mortgage guidelines have the ability to change at any time. Always talk to a well-reviewed mortgage loan officer. Make sure you understand the current guidelines and how they might apply to you.

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