And To All…A Good Night (and a good 2012)!

December 23rd, 2011

Happy holidays and a happy and successful new year to us all! This is always the time of year we look back on the year that has passed, and more importantly, we look forward to the new year and we make our new year’s resolutions. I’d like to make some resolutions (business and personal) for the new year. And here they are for 2012:

1. I will be more focused on my health, work on my core strength; and help support my back which has taken a beating due to poor work habits, poor posture and irregular exercise.

2. I will always strive to deliver the best pricing I can deliver to the client, while delivering the efficiency and execution people demand (efficiency and execution is not free folks, don’t forget). The lowest price usually means the poorest service, and I will strive to be the lowest price or be very close, while still achieving unparalleled service. I won’t ever work for a cheap, low cost provider and put my clients through that torture and delay, or even worse, an undeserved loan denial.

3. I will take walks (good for the back, soul, and to clear your mind and think free thoughts).

4. I will always have the latest technology, like Loan Tracking, LoanSifter (helps me shop rates for the consumer), Mortgage Returns (helps me identify refinance opportunities for my clients), and Solve (the latest database software which helps me identify your needs and stay in touch).

5. I will stop buying all the latest tech gadgets (this resolution I may break).

6. I will always work for a Direct Lender, who has control over the process, and has in-house underwriting, loan processing, loan closing dept, and some control over appraisers (see #8 for more on this).

7. I will eat less dessert. Food is only fuel, I need to stop being a slave to my taste buds.

8. I will always work for a direct lender that has some input over the appraisal process, to avoid the nightmare of low-ball appraisals from appraisers that come from way outside the marketplace. This can often happen with a mortgage broker who has no control over appraiser selection, or even a big bank who use massive Appraisal Management companies that are populated with hundreds of appraisers from all over the map.

9. I will smile at people more often.

10. I am seeking multi-state, or even 50 state licensing in 2012, so that I can help my clients no matter where they move in the country.

11. I will have more meaningful conversation with people.

12. I have hired and will retain a team of assistants, to better serve the client, and make sure no issue is missed, and all deadlines are met.

13. I will travel more (which will only be doable thanks to #12), life is too short to sit at my desk all the time.

14. My website will always be up to date and full of the latest tools and content to truly help the consumer, as opposed to most mortgage websites which are simply glossy ads designed to get people to contact them and be pitched something, offering little functionality and almost zero educational content.

15. I will make time to paint.

That’s it for me this holiday season, and those are my real, honest 2012 resolutions. I’ll be writing again soon, stay tuned for 2012 mortgage news, stories, tips and drama!


Brian Martucci is a loan officer for Capital Bank Home Loans, a division of Capital Bank, N.A. He has been in the mortgage industry since 1986 and has served in a number of roles, including loan processor, loan officer, mortgage broker, branch manager, and vice president. Brian Martucci – NMLS# 185421. His opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions and beliefs of Capital Bank Home Loans or Capital Bank. Capital Bank, N.A.- NMLS# 401599. Click here for the Capital Bank, N.A. “Privacy Policy”.

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