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Are online-only banks the future of mortgage lending?

“Ask any Realtor in the country and they’ll tell you that they never want to work with an online lender,” says Brian Martucci, a mortgage lender with in Washington, D.C. “If something goes wrong with the loan it can be much harder to fix with an online lender than with someone the Realtor knows personally.”

Martucci says it’s important for borrowers to have a single point of contact, such as a relationship with a direct lender, in order to communicate more easily and to fix problems.

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Brian Martucci Makes Top 150 Originators for 2015

Brian Martucci was the 126th top producer aka originator in the country in 2015 for mortgage loan officers as measured by National Mortgage News.

But it is not just about sales and who sells the most. That makes it sound like sales is only about who is a fast talker and who can be the most convincing. It is really about who has put in place stable systems, high-technology, good communications, a functional website, and takes care of their clients. The people that run a good business do the most business.

Picking a loan officer is difficult, and should be based on many metrics, it should not be a decision based solely on price. Sometimes the lowest cost does not equal the best value. There should be many things that we measure a loan officer by, like service, execution, technology, price and experience.

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Clearing home-value hurdle to a refi.

The Washington Times – Michele Lerner

“If you are already paying PMI, this may not matter, but some homeowners have lost value in their homes and will not be expecting to pay the insurance,” Mr. Martucci says. “It may still make sense to refinance even if you have to add $100 or so per month to your mortgage payment for PMI. It just depends on your current mortgage program.”
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Forbes Magazine

Forbes Magazine – What Is A Loan Originator?

A Loan Originator or Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) is the front door to the mortgage getting process. An MLO has two jobs; the first is to persuade you that their lending prowess is your best borrowing option. The second is to help you navigate your way to the closing table. A Loan Originator is a salesperson first and a loan approval chaperon second.

According to 30 year mortgage originations veteran Brian Martucci; “A mortgage loan originator is someone in a sales role whose primary job is to originate residential mortgage loans, educate the consumer and to help process and close the loan.” There you go.

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Home-equity spigot opens slightly.

The Washington Times – Michele Lerner
May 7, 2010
“Even though the housing market seems to be improving, lenders are wary of approving home -equity loans in an environment in which home prices are not necessarily stable,” Mr. Martucci says. “If the banks lend someone up to 95 percent of their home value and prices drop again, that could quickly become 100 percent loan-to-value or more.”
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How to save money, build equity faster.

The Washington Times – Michele Lerner

“In the rush to refinance in 2010, some homeowners were left behind, unable to arrange for a new home loan because of a lack of equity or a too-low credit score or some other glitch in the world of tightened credit standards.”
“While many homeowners refinance to reduce the size of their monthly mortgage payments, others have the goal of paying off their mortgage earlier to become debt-free before retirement and to save money on interest. Homeowners who want to hasten their mortgage-burning celebration may want to consider other options besides refinancing.”
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Loan Rates Fall to 30-Year Low

Washington Post – Maryann Haggerty

To offer attractive rates, he said, some lenders “play a game with fees.” Make sure, he cautioned, that a lender who offers a slightly lower rate than the competition isn’t making back the difference by charging higher fees.
“Be careful,” he said. “People call up so excited, they’ll believe anything. Slow down, take your time and just look at the numbers.”
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Mortgage Basics Seminar

9am to 12noon
Brian’s main goal in the mortgage business is “transparency”, which seems to be sorely lacking in the mortgage industry. In his seminars he aims to bring mortgage basics to his audience, but also teaching them how to see behind the curtain into what is really going on with each mortgage transaction, that mortgage lenders never tell you.
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Seller financing rare but can be useful.

The Washington Times – Michele Lerner
October 21, 2010
“The buyers who are attracted to seller financing like it because usually their closing costs are lower and the hassle factor of dealing with a lender will be less,” Mr. Martucci says. “A seller will often just pull a simple credit report and ask for one or two pay stubs, while mortgage brokers and lenders require a lot more paperwork.”
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Lucky Number Roulette

There Is Nothing Wrong With 269th Place!

I was the 269th top producer in the country in 2012 for mortgage loan officers, ranked by Scotsman Guide Media. My mom always told me not to worry about coming in first place and just to do my best. In all seriousness I think one of the measures of a successful mortgage loan officer is how much business they do. Read More

Top Agent Magazine

Top Agent Magazine


With 29 years of experience in the mortgage industry, a passion for helping others and extensive knowledge about the market, Brian Martucci has experienced great success in his career. He got his start right out of college in 1986, sending out his resume to a few mortgage companies. After going on one interview, his drive and ambition were clear, and he was hired. He has held multiple positions in the mortgage business, including vice president, branch manager, loan processor and loan officer. Brian is now Senior Loan Officer at 1st Mariner Mortgage. In 2014, he was the #3 top producer in his company, and in 2012, he was in the top 1/10th of 1% of US loan officers. He and his team of four people serve clients from across the country, focusing mainly on California and the Mid-Atlantic regions.

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Top DC Lenders

Top DC Lenders! The Washingtonian magazine compiled a list of the most referred lenders in the Washington DC metro area. These names were referred by local realtors and Washingtonian subscribers. Below is the article and list of the most referred lenders in the entire Washington DC area.

The Washingtonian compiled a list of the most referred lenders in the Washington DC metro area. These names were drawn from lenders referred by local realtors and Washingtonian subscribers. Below is the article and that list of most referred lenders in the area.
The Washingtonian compiled a list of the most referred lenders in the Washington DC metro area. These names were drawn from lenders referred by local realtors and Washingtonian subscribers. Below is the article and that list of most referred lenders in the area.
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What Can Stop You from Buying a House? Common Obstacles and How to Overcome Them

You have a down payment saved up, a good credit score, and a low debt to income ratio. It is time to buy your dream home. However, something prevents you from buying the home. What can stop you from buying a house? In this article we will explore some common obstacles and how you can overcome them.

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