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Bonéval Condominium > Capitol Hill > 20002

Bonéval Condominium

Bonéval Condominium is a boutique mid-rise condo building, designed to blend into the character of the surrounding rowhouse neighborhood with upscale modern touches inside. The architect was Torti Gallas + Partners. The developer was Community Three. It has a concierge, rooftop deck with Capitol views and barbecue grilles, a pergola for shade, and a section of vegetation-covered green roof. There is a sitting parlor and courtyard near the entrance lobby. And there is bike parking. Secure parking and extra storage space may also be available. Two styles of interior finish were offered when the building was new, one modern and one classic, and those styles alternate by floor.

In the 1960s, the site was occupied by a 9,000-square-foot Safeway with a rooftop garage. In the 1980’s the supermarket closed and a dialysis center moved in. Construction of the condominium began after the dialysis center moved to a new location. It is close to Stanton Park, Eastern Market and Union Station. It is close to many restaurants, bars, coffee houses, a synagogue, Saint Monica and Saint James Episcopal Church, a hospital, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and other smaller markets.

What financing options are available for this condominium?

CONVENTIONAL: there may be many different conventional loan options available with varying down payments and terms. Please contact Brian Martucci for specifics if you want to get a conventional loan to purchase in Bonéval Condominium, or any other condominium.

VA: as of 10-26-2022 Bonéval Condominium was VA Approved, but that can change, please double check current status by clicking here. Enter city/state and the condo name.

FHA: as of 10-26-2022 Bonéval Condominium was not approved on the “FHA Approved Condo” list. Click here to double check the current status. Enter city/state and the condo name.

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