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Car Barn Condominium > Capitol Hill > 20003

Car Barn Condominium

Car Barn Condominium is a Romanesque Revival building and was designed by Waddy Butler Wood in 1896. It was built as a part of the conversion of Streetcars in Washington, D.C. to electric traction instead of the street cars being pulled by horses. The East Capitol Street Car Barn, as it was known, was then used as a bus barn from 1962 to 1973 and then sat vacant until it was turned into condominiums. A private developer purchased the property and developed it into condominiums as the Car Barn. The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places on February 5, 1974. It is very close to Lincoln Park, cafes, carry out food, restaurants, churches, and RFK Stadium.

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CONVENTIONAL: there may be many different conventional loan options available with varying down payments and terms. Please contact Brian Martucci for specifics if you want to get a conventional loan to purchase in Car Barn Condominium, or any other condominium.

VA: as of 10-03-2022 Car Barn Condominium is VA Approved, but that can change at any time, please double check current status by clicking here. Enter city/state and the condo name.

FHA: as of 10-03-2022 Car Barn Condominium was not approved on the “FHA Approved Condo” list, it was formerly FHA approved but that approval has expired. Enter city/state and the condo name. Click here to double check the current status.

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