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Hyde Park Condominium > Ballston > 22203

Hyde Park Condominium

Hyde Park Condominium was built as apartments in 1973 and was converted to condos in 1980. The ground floor has retail space and offices. Amenities include an outdoor pool, 24 x 7 secretarial service, night-time security guard, a party room, a common picnic area with grilling equipment. Every unit has a balcony. There is resident and guest parking in a 3-story garage. There is a Harris Teeter grocery store right next door! Near by are hotels, Welburn Square, Mosaic Park, Fields Park, Oak Grove Park, restaurants, an Iceplex, a liquor store, Ballston Quarter mall, a 7-Eleven, Target, Washington Liberty High School, and much more.

What financing options are available for this condo?

CONVENTIONAL: there may be many different conventional loan options available with varying down payments and terms. Please contact Brian Martucci for specifics if you want to get a conventional loan to purchase in this condominium.

VA: as of 01-13-2023 Hyde Park Condominium was VA Approved, but always check here to see if there has been any change. Enter city/state and the condo name.

FHA: as of 01-13-2023 Hyde Park Condominium was approved on the “FHA Approved Condo” list, but that approval expires 9/17/2023. Click here to double check current status. Enter city/state and the condo name.

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