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Winthrop House > Dupont Circle > 20036

Winthrop House

The Winthrop House is pet friendly, and units have additional storage. There is a 24/7 front desk, a rooftop deck with panoramic views of the city, and a yoga and massage room. You can walk to Whole Foods and Safeway grocery. The Mansion on O Street is close by which is available for tours and events. You will also be able to walk to Rock Creek Park, embassies, hotels, Keegan Theater, the Heurich House Museum, a Johns Hopkins campus building, and much more.

What financing options are available for this condominium?

CONVENTIONAL: there may be many different conventional loan options available for Winthrop House with varying down payments and terms. Please contact Brian Martucci for specifics if you want to get a conventional loan to purchase a unit in this or any other condominium.

VA: as of 10-14-2022 Winthrop House was not VA Approved. Always check here to see current information. Enter city/state and the condo name.

FHA: as of 10-14-2022 Winthrop House was not approved on the “FHA Approved Condo” list. Click here to double check for the latest status. Enter city/state and the condo name.

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