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November 10th, 2010

Foreclosure Abandoned Home

Let’s look at foreclosures in CA, MD, DC, VA. Looking at the foreclosures in California, Maryland/Washington, DC and Virginia (these are the states I operate in) is interesting.


California clearly has problems north and south, but not in the middle. And the heaviest foreclosures problems are inland not on the coast, near Stockton to the north, and near Riverside to the south.

Maryland and Washington, DC

Whereas in Maryland and Washington, DC foreclosures are spread out all over the state from a geographic standpoint. But there does seem to be a bulk of the foreclosures happening in Charles County, Prince Georges County, Baltimore, Hagerstown and the Eastern Shore.


And Virginia’s problems are spread out all over as well.

Is there a pattern?

All of the heaviest foreclosure areas follow one pattern, high jobless rates. If I had maps of unemployment rates to overlay on top of foreclosure rates, you’d see the areas with the highest unemployment also have the highest foreclosures. That is an obvious statement, anyone could have guessed that. So, it seems the answer is to focus on jobs.

So how do we fix things?

Create jobs, fix unemployment. Fix unemployment, fix foreclosures. Fix foreclosures, fix the economy.

So I say we all put aside our politics for now, and focus on one thing…JOBS! Let’s stop debating health care, the environment, cap & trade, minimum wage, left versus right, and Democrat versus Republican. In my book, everyone is responsible for where we are no matter what their political leaning.

All legislation, tax policy and efforts should be geared towards one things…JOBS! We can debate about the rest later, let’s put food on the table and a roof over everyone’s head first! Then foreclosures in CA, MD, DC, VA and elsewhere will get better.

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