Getting A Loan With No Appraisal?

May 18th, 2010


Is there such a thing as getting a loan with no appraisal? There are times when a lender might enter a loan application into the automated underwriting system, and the resulting approval may allow for a “PIW”. A PIW is a Property Inspection Waiver. This means that Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac has decided that due to the characteristics of the loan they feel comfortable proceeding without an appraisal being done.

These PIW’s are usually seen on loans with low Loan-To-Value’s (LTV’s), such as 50% up to even 80%. They also require high credit scores, and low debt ratios.

With a PIW I have alerted some clients that I can refund most or all of their initial appraisal fee. And I can also tell them that if they choose, no appraisal is needed. Some borrowers still want an appraisal done anyway. But many realize that the market is usually pretty efficient, they feel comfortable with the price they paid, and they’d rather save the appraisal fee.

There may be a $75 PIW fee. So if the appraisal cost was $500, the consumer would net a $425 savings by accepting the PIW.

However, a homeowner may be tasked with getting an appraisal anyway by their homeowners insurance company. The consumer should check with their insurance agent. See if an appraisal is mandatory to establish the level of insurance coverage. Also ask if another method of establishing value is possible.

If you have a low LTV, a high credit score, and a low debt ratio, ask your lender if you qualified for a PIW. They may not mention it so you should. Getting a PIW is not a guarantee, even with all of the above stellar loan traits. But it is worth asking about.

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