November 3rd, 2011

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Here are my ten predictions for 2012. Some of these are mortgage/real estate related, and some are not. Some are serious, and some are not. And some are just wishful thinking. You figure out if you can tell which are real.

By the end of 2012 we will have seen:

.Median cost of a home in the U.S. will be down from 2011, by 4%.

.Median cost of a home in Washington DC: up slightly, by 1%.

.Stock market: down over 20% from 2011.

.Los Angeles real estate market: down slightly, by 2% from 2011.

.Interest rates: up .50% from 2011.

.Presidency: for the first time ever we will experiment and run the country with no President until 2016, at which time we will convert to a monarchy, appointed every 6 years by a reality TV show.

.The U.S. dollar will be worthless. We will experiment with using popsicle sticks.

.Greece will pull out of the European Union, which will start the downfall of the euro and the EU.

.Super bowl winner: Green Bay Redskins (as a result of of a mid year merger).

.Rex Grossman of the former Washington Redskins was traded to the Maryland Terrapins.

.Number of earthquakes in Washington DC: zero.

(the real answers will be printed, upside down, on the bottom of all Wheaties cereal boxes you see on your grocer’s shelves next week)

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