Prince George’s County Development

September 21st, 2009

What is happening with Prince George’s County development? There is new development proposed in Prince George’s County

Earlier this month, over opposition from some residents, the Prince George’s County Council approved legislation, called the Subregion 5 Master Plan, which would allow more land development in some rural areas in the southern part of the county.

The proposal includes a plan to rezone the Hyde Field airport in Clinton and replace it with about 300,000 square feet of retail space and 2,100 housing units, to include 1200 single family homes and 900 townhouses and apartments.

Developer and owner, Nabil Asterbadi, a Washington-based doctor who has owned Hyde Field since 1995 says the airport has not done well since the attacks of 9/11. Since then, there have been severe restrictions on the flights of private aircraft and business at the airport is down to 15% of what it was before 9/11.

The plan, which would impact residents of Accokeek and Clinton, is not without opposition. Area residents objecting to the new plan cite potential traffic nightmares and negative impact on a rural way of life.

Don’t locals always want to stop land development, once they buy in an area? And don’t developers just want to develop and pave over the whole country? I am sure there must be a way to provide for a happy medium. It seems to me the questions is how much density can a certain area sustain, as well as, should some areas be restricted from further growth to maintain the green space or the scenic beauty of the raw land. Whatever the answers, I think we can all agree the answers are found at a local level, and its best to let the locals, the town councils, and the developers, battle it out.

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