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October 22nd, 2012

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The maximum loan size on mortgages varies from area to area. Most people are aware that the Conforming loan limit can be extended in high cost areas. These high cost areas are typically the more urban, high cost markets. But many people are not aware that the Conforming loan amounts as well as the Conforming High Balance loan limits vary from area to area. They are based on a formula using median sales price information for the area.

So a Conforming loan can be raised to a higher loan limit in a high cost market, and then it is called a Conforming High Balance loan.

Conforming versus Conforming High Balance versus Jumbo loans

Conforming loan amounts have the lowest rates, then Conforming High Balance have a small premium. And any loan amount you wish to borrow that goes above the Conforming High Balance loan limits is considered a Jumbo loan, and charged an even higher rate. But the limits for all Conforming loans, both Conforming and Conforming High Balance, can vary.

I wrote about the three types of loan sizes, Conforming, Conforming High Balance, and Jumbo. Click here for more of the details.

Geographic differences

If you are buying a home in the Washington DC metro area the Conforming High Balance loan limit is high. But only 45 minutes outside DC in Baltimore the limit is lower. In Los Angeles CA the limit is high. But 1.5 hours outside LA in Riverside County the maximum loan limit is lower.

Loan limits for the whole country

To see all the Fannie Mae Conforming loan limits for the whole country click here.

And you can use the Fannie Mae Geocoder tool for Conventional Conforming loans if you have a property address, click here.

For FHA loans click here.

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