Stick People Say Rates Are Going Up

June 20th, 2011

stickman looking up

Hello John.

Hello Doug.

Let’s talk about interest rates.

Why would we do that? I just bumped into you on the street and I am on my way to work.

You are not on your way to work. We are stick people, in a skit, on some guy’s website. We only exist because of his imagination. So let’s talk about mortgage rates.

Okey dokey.

So here is why interest rates will go up. First, our deficit is on par with Greece, even worse when you consider our unfunded entitlement mandates, which are ludicrous. When the world figures out what an economic mess we are in, they’ll demand higher rates to lend us money. Second, interest rates have only been lower than they are now a few other times in 220 years of recorded interest rate history. Do I need to go on?

Please do, smart stick man.

Japan was always broke, but now its even worse after their earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster. They may need to start dumping their holdings of US debt to raise money to rebuild. Check out the excellent article at this website, I’ll give you a second to grab a pen to write. The website is

Those are well thought out and logical points.

Thanks. If you have any stick friends or stick workmates, and they are thinking of buying or refinancing, you better tell them to get on the stick, and apply right away. Rates are not dropping like a stone every day, as the media makes it sound. Rates are very near the bottom. And trying to be a market timer is foolish. Apply now, stop procrastinating.

I am going to go home and have a stick dinner, with my stick wife. And then we will make stick love, in a stick bed. And then I will go to work again tomorrow, to pay my imaginary stick bills. This weekend I will go to and click on APPLY to start my loan application. See you later.

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