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Alternative Credit History To Help Qualify For A Mortgage

Can you use an alternative credit history to help qualify for a mortgage? Banks typically want you to have to have at least four pieces of credit. Sometimes when I pull a credit report for a first time home buyer or a younger person, I see a credit report with one credit card on it, and on occasion nothing at all. Some people only use checks, cash and debit cards to pay for things. Without a credit history comprised of at least four different pieces of credit, it may be difficult to get a loan.

Apparently banks want to see more numerous items of credit history, to feel comfortable extending a large piece of credit (like a mortgage).

However, there is a solution. Banks will allow you to build an alternative credit history. This means that we can show them a 12 month (at least, or you can show a longer history if it exists) credit history of things that normally do not show up on a credit report. Read More