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Buy A House With No Cash? Maybe.

Buy A House With No Cash? Maybe. No, it is not the boom market of 2000-2005 where crazy loan programs allowed anyone to get a home loan with no cash and no income. But there is a way to get a loan with no cash out of pocket, or at the very least, very little cash out of pocket. Read More

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FHA Loan Myths

Top 8 Myths About FHA Loans

1. FHA appraisals are difficult and often require repairs:

FHA now allows private appraisers to do FHA appraisals, this solved much of the old repair problems where FHA staff appraisers would require numerous repairs to the house before allowing the loan to fund. And, with FHA, lenders are still allowed to use their own appraiser as opposed to a Conventional loan where the bank’s random choice of appraiser is used. Sellers and Realtors should find this attractive, since the new appraisal ordering system for Conventional loans has become a nightmare. Click here for more information on this issue. Read More