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Foreclosure Abandoned Home

Foreclosure Mess Takes A Turn For The Worse!

Foreclosure Mess Takes A Turn For The Worse. Title insurance is no longer issued on Washington DC Foreclosures of formerly owner occupied properties! What? This was a result of actions taken by the Washington DC Attorney General last week. Read More

Foreclosure Abandoned Home

How to Apply for a Mortgage On a Foreclosure Property

There are some great deals on foreclosed homes on the market today. You can find some of these foreclosure listings on,, and Since the housing bubble burst the U.S. has had a flux of foreclosures, where one person’s misfortune can become an investment for someone else.

Perhaps you are interested in buying foreclosure properties for a good deal on a home for you to live in. Or a home you want to flip or turn it into a rental property or Airbnb listing. Read More