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Does Loan Officer Personality Matter?

Sometimes clients think loan officers are robots, almost unimportant. And that all we represent is a set of terms we quote, and they treat the mortgage transaction like a commodity. But getting a mortgage is enormously complicated with lots of moving parts. And the type of loan officer you are working with is critical. This includes personality traits like work ethic, integrity, organizational skills, the speed at which they work, and much more. Read More

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Forbes Magazine – What Is A Loan Originator?

A Loan Originator or Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) is the front door to the mortgage getting process. An MLO has two jobs; the first is to persuade you that their lending prowess is your best borrowing option. The second is to help you navigate your way to the closing table. A Loan Originator is a salesperson first and a loan approval chaperon second.

According to 30 year mortgage originations veteran Brian Martucci; “A mortgage loan originator is someone in a sales role whose primary job is to originate residential mortgage loans, educate the consumer and to help process and close the loan.” There you go.

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Work with individual or a team

Work With An Individual Loan Officer or A Loan Officer Team?

Should you work with an individual Loan Officer or a Loan Officer team? This discussion will stir up some controversy. I will likely get some angry comments as well as some supportive comments. Keep it classy, and let’s discuss! Read More