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Is It Better to Overprice or Underprice Your Home For Sale?

brian-martucci-overprice-vs-underprice-home-sale-blogWhen sellers set an asking price for their home I always imagine big dollar signs in their eyes. Most human beings suffer from wishful thinking and confirmation bias. But how should you price your home: high, low or right at market value? If sellers are underpricing they may hope to sell faster, or hope for a bidding war. Overpricing a home may allow you to get more for your house than what it’s really worth with luck that one buyer loves your home. Underpricing or overpricing your home can be a gamble. And the best thing you can do is come to terms with how much your house is really worth. Read More

Appraisal Problems-Go With A Local Lender To Avoid Them!

I have blogged about appraisal problems many times in the past. I am not going to repeat those posts. Maybe the data below will carry more weight than my opinion, because it is fresh out of a thorough and expensive study that I have cited on this blog recently. I will cut and past comments directly from the study that quotes Realtors, and I will let their comments speak for themselves. As a mortgage consumer, the below should be plenty to tell you where you need to go for a mortgage. Mortgage brokers, large banks, online lenders and credit unions, many of whom the consumer thinks is working in their best interest are actually setup to fail the consumer by design. Just because you bank at a big bank or a credit union does not mean they are setup to provide you the best service. I worked at a big bank before, and unless you had millions of dollars Read More