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6 Tips on Choosing a Mortgage Lender or Broker

Is choosing a mortgage lender important? People spend a  lot of time looking for the perfect home. There are the countless hours spent poring over real estate listings, the weekend trips to open houses, and the days of driving with your realtor from showing to showing. However, choosing a mortgage lender or broker is often treated as an afterthought. Many buyers simply go with their own bank or a broker/lender recommended by their realtor. They do so without researching competitive rates and looking for lenders who will also educate them.

This is a critical mistake. Read More

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Does It Really Matter Where Your Loan Officer Is Located?

It is very common for realtors to ask a homebuyer who their mortgage loan officer is and where they are located. There is a belief that a lender, and for that matter all the service providers to a real estate transaction, needs to be very local.

Realtors assign some magical powers to a mortgage loan officer who is Read More

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Mortgage rates, why so different at different banks?

Mortgage rates, why so different at different banks? Are you puzzled why Conventional mortgage rates vary so much, day to day and from bank to bank? Or do you wonder why advertised rates are different when you call a mortgage lender? Many times rates are not all that different, they are just very complicated for a bank or mortgage broker to accurately publish due to numerous variables.

Most people are not aware that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have a whole chart of pricing “add-ons”. Add-ons are an amount (expressed in points or rates) that are added on to the “base rate” in certain situations. Some examples of add-ons are for:

  • condos
  • investment properties
  • multi-family properties (a 2 unit, for example)
  • credit score
  • extended lock-ins beyond the standard 30-60 days
  • loan-to-value Read More
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Top 15 Questions to Ask a Lender or Broker Before You Apply for a Mortgage Loan

It may seem odd that someone in the mortgage business wants to discuss how to help consumers find the best mortgage lenders. People search for mortgage providers every day without the benefit of professional help. So, I figured why not help people whether they find their way to me or someone else? Below I’ve listed the most important mortgage questions that you need to ask before you apply for a mortgage loan. Read More