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Buyer’s Guide to Closing on a House

This blog assumes you’re at the final steps of the mortgage process. You’ve completed your loan documentation, received your appraisal and title insurance, your loan is approved, and you have scheduled your movers. Now you’re ready for it to be over. But there is more to consider. Settlement day, a.k.a. closing day, can bring surprises and unexpected stress. Spend some time on these final closing details with a couple of tips that I give my clients on how to be prepared for the big day. Read More

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How Quickly Can We Get to Settlement?

Everyone wants to close loans quicker these days. And I mean everyone. But when it comes time to do their part to move quickly people are not as excited to help out. The problem is that most of the other parties to the loan don’t realize that they are party to the loan. What I mean is that the loan does not occur in a vacuum. We as the lender are not the only party to the process. We need help from Read More


Rough Day?

Rough day? I had an experience recently I’d like to share. It will help people understand why underwriters are so rigid in requiring what Fannie Mae mandates. And why they require it to be submitted prior to closing, with no excuses. This is important because there are times where an underwriter requires some documentation that sometimes cannot be provided immediately by the client. And the client inevitably asks why can’t I send it in after closing.

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