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Private Mortgage Insurance Confusion

There seems to be Private Mortgage Insurance confusion. Getting a Conventional loan with less than a 20% down payment means paying Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI). And you should be aware that getting PMI has become much more complicated and more difficult.

It is almost impossible to get PMI for a 95% loan is most of the Washington DC Metro area, since most of DC is considered a “declining market”. You would likely have to have 10% down payment in the Washington DC area for a mortgage loan. Read More

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Private Mortgage Insurance Tougher To Get On Condos

Is Private Mortgage Insurance tougher to get on condos? I almost feel like there is no more PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) on condos! But that is not true, there is PMI availability for condos, but it is getting harder to get. Most people know by now that PMI is needed on a Conventional loan if you have less than 20% down payment.

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