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For Sale By Owner. Think Its Easy?

There is a certain section of society that thinks they can do everything themselves. I am all for a do-it-yourself project. But I find that usually it pays to have someone else do it for me. I find that professionals can do it better. And quite frankly, after saving me time to allow me to stay productive in my work and earn more money, they can do it less expensively. For those of you that think you can sell your home on your own, known as a For Sale By Owner (FSBO), good luck with that! I know there is a perception of big savings. Read More


How Do Realtors Really Get Paid?

Does anyone know how Realtors really get paid? I know people love to complain about Realtors and how they “get 6%” of the sales price, but that is not the whole story. It’s barely any of the story. I love to beat up on any industry with grossly overpaid and inefficient workers as much as the next person, but only if it is merited. Read More

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Let’s Cut Out The Realtor And Save 3%!

I sometimes hear how a buyer thinks they can save 3% by cutting out the buyer agent when buying a home. Then they represent themselves, and end up saving 3% by dealing directly with the listing agent. And I think I will do my own surgery. Maybe represent myself in court. I’ll put a new roof on my house on my own. Some people think many things are easy and take almost no time at all.

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