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Buyer’s Guide to Closing on a House

This blog assumes you’re at the final steps of the mortgage process. You’ve completed your loan documentation, received your appraisal and title insurance, your loan is approved, and you have scheduled your movers. Now you’re ready for it to be over. But there is more to consider. Settlement day, a.k.a. closing day, can bring surprises and unexpected stress. Spend some time on these final closing details with a couple of tips that I give my clients on how to be prepared for the big day. Read More


Settlement Is Delayed!

I am sure it has happened to many readers or to someone you know…a mortgage settlement gets delayed or occurs several hours late! And it is customary to blame the mortgage lender, because after all, settlement had been scheduled for weeks and weeks. How could the settlement be delayed when we all knew for so long what the target settlement date was??

Here is the truth about delayed settlements, it is everyone’s fault, the lender, the seller, the buyer, the Realtors, the appraiser, etc. Read More