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Let’s Get A Better Deal At All Costs

I have had clients who always think, “Let’s get a better deal at all costs”. I had clients who applied for a refinance almost 4 months ago. Interest rates dropped for quite a bit of that time period. It seemed like once a month they were asking me for a better deal than I had originally locked them in at. Getting a better deal is fine. Steamrolling everybody in your path to pick up each 1/8% rate drop is another. Read More

Thanks Anyway, I Got A Really Good Deal Elsewhere…

Thanks Anyway, I Got A Really Good Deal Elsewhere. Ever heard that? But never assume the person you are talking to has your best interests in mind. Always check with trusted sources, experienced sources, and always ask a lot of questions. And…eat all your vegetables, wear clean underwear, and look both ways before you cross the street. Now you are all set with good advice for life. So what is my point to all this? Read More

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Top 15 Questions to Ask a Lender or Broker Before You Apply for a Mortgage Loan

It may seem odd that someone in the mortgage business wants to discuss how to help consumers find the best mortgage lenders. People search for mortgage providers every day without the benefit of professional help. So, I figured why not help people whether they find their way to me or someone else? Below I’ve listed the most important mortgage questions that you need to ask before you apply for a mortgage loan. Read More

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Try Before You Buy?

Have you ever found yourself sneaking a grape or a cherry tomato at the grocery store, before you buy? You just want to get a taste before you buy the whole bunch, right? Who doesn’t like to try before you buy? Maybe that is OK for fruit, but not for service providers. It’s a lesson some people need to learn. Some people need to learn to “shop” and then “decide”, instead of “decide” and then “shop”. Read More