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No Escaping Mortgage Guidelines

brian-martucci-underwriters-referees-mortgage-blogThere’s no outsmarting or escaping the mortgage guidelines upheld by underwriters, no matter how much income or assets the buyer has. The purpose of the underwriting process is to check the loan applicant’s credit, financial capacity, and the collateral. The underwriter’s main purpose is to make sure everything in the application meets the loan’s guidelines that you are applying for, whether that be from Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA or VA. Read More

Derivation of the Term Underwriter

I was on vacation recently in London. On a tour, I heard an interesting story about how the term underwriter came to be. The term has to do with the insurance company, Lloyd’s of London, and dates back to 1688! We all know about mortgage underwriters and how it’s their job to underwrite the risk of the loan, and either Read More