Time To Give Thanks

November 24th, 2010

Thanksgiving basket

It is that time of year to give thanks. Some of us don’t give thanks, it’s just a time of year to eat a lot and take time off of work. I think many of us that do give thanks do so for varied reasons. I give thanks for many reasons to many things. I try and acknowledge the good, but also the bad. It is my Thanksgiving version of Santa’s naughty and nice list, as far as who deserves my thanks and who does not:

I give thanks to my family. Thanks for giving birth Mom, helping to raise me Dad, being a fun brother Steve, and to all my extended family.

I give thanks to all the amazing friends that I have.

I give thanks that I live in a free country.

I give thanks to veterans and current military who help keep it free.

I give thanks to farmers, both to local and to corporate farms, for helping to keep me fed. May you all continue to make a good profit so that I may be fed well into the future.

I give thanks to Henry Ford, for the automotive assembly line.

I give thanks to Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and many others, for all the computing power I have.

And I take time to make sure and realize that there are people I do NOT owe a thanks to:

People who drive slowly in the fast lane.
People who don’t use turn signals.
People who talk too much.
People who go to war.
People who think they can choose for others.

Make sure to remember who you owe thanks to, and for those you do NOT.

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