And To All…A Good Night (and a good 2017)!

December 29th, 2016


Happy holidays and a happy and successful new year to us all! This is always the time of year we look back on the year that has passed, and more importantly we look forward to the new year and we make our new year’s resolutions. I’d like to make some resolutions, both business and personal for the new year. And here they are for 2017:

  1. I will always wear my FitBit and strive to average 10,000 steps a day.
  2. I will eat less sweets and stop being a slave to my taste buds.
  3. I will strive to be even more responsive to clients.
  4. I will help counsel clients whether they use me for a mortgage or not.
  5. I will offer free mortgage advice via email and through websites like Quora.
  6. I will smile at people more often.
  7. I will help my clients no matter where they move in the country, since my company has licensing in all 50 states.
  8. I will have more meaningful conversations with people.
  9. I will retain a team of assistants to better serve the client and make sure no issue is missed and all deadlines are met.
  10. My website will always be up to date with the latest tools and content.

That’s it for me this holiday season, and the above are my honest 2017 resolutions. I’ll be writing again soon, stay tuned for 2017 mortgage news, stories and tips.

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