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Document Checklist

This video will show you my document checklist. In this case, I’ll be making an example of the purchase checklist.

You may use the refinance checklist if you’re refinancing. You can print this page and save it as a PDF, you can bookmark it. Refer back to it as needed.

Please read all of the initial instructions. Do not skip these. These will ensure that you send the documents in the format needed and save you time.

You would start going category by category depending on your scenario. If you’re salaried, read all of the documents needed if you’re salaried. If you’re self-employed there are different documents needed.

Other types of income, social security, if you have rental properties. Asset Documentation will tell you about bank account statements and other types of asset accounts to provide statements for. Other Documentation, this is very important. It will show you any other type of documents that might be needed for different scenarios.

Homeowners insurance and various inspections you may or may not need.

And then when you’re done you learn about how to submit the documents to us. And it’s just that easy. Thanks for watching.

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*This video has information that is meant only to be illustrative, actual documentation requirements may change at any time.