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FHA Approved Condo Search Tool

FHA Approved Condo Search Tool. Hello, I wanted to show you a video on how to use the FHA-approved condominium search tool.

You need to know this is you are buying a condo using FHA financing?

If you’re going to get an FHA loan on a condominium, it’s got to be on FHA’s approved condo list.

How to use the FHA Approved Condo Search Tool

So the URL up here, I’ll place that in the notes as a hyperlink. So you’ll be able to click on it easily and use it. But there’s only a couple of things you need to fill in to search for a condo. First thing you want to do is click on a state. Let’s pick District of Columbia. And then put in the name of the condominium that you’re searching. Let’s try 1010 Massachusetts Avenue Northwest. This is a condo I happen to know is FHA-approved. I’m just going to put in 1010 Mass and abbreviate it a little bit, because you can shorten it and you just click “Send.” That’s it.

So you click State, Condo Name, Send for your search, and there it is. And you’ll see status is currently approved. Status date, it was approved April 21st, 2020. It expires April 21st, 2023.

How to do a broader search

If we go back, you can also click just the city or the state. Let’s leave District of Columbia, click Condo Name, leave that empty. Let’s leave everything else empty. Click on Send. Now you’re going to get a long list of every single condominium that is FHA-approved in the District of Columbia. That’s pretty onerous. You’re not going to want to see that and sort through and look for the one. But it’s just an interesting note to see how you can see what condominiums are approved in each area.

Let’s also pick Maryland. Let’s type in something called the Westlight and click Send. Okay, now this happens to say “No records match your selection criteria.” That means that particular building is not on the FHA-approved condo list in Maryland. So that’s it.

You can search and get every result in the entire state. You can look for a specific condo. If you don’t find it, no records match, it’s not FHA-approved. And you cannot get an FHA loan in that building unfortunately. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for watching.


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FHA Approved Condo Search Tool can be found here: