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How I Get Business

How I Get Business? I’d like to do a video of how I market.

What I do not do

I don’t ply realtors with food and drink to get them to refer me business. I don’t do cheesy marketing. I don’t go to realtors’ offices and CPAs and financial advisors with bottles of strawberry jam that say, “When your client gets into a jam, have them call me.” I’ve seen people do that with bottles of pickles, “When your buyers are in a pickle… ”

I’ve seen loan officers buy realtors hockey tickets, movie nights, dinners, drinks, coffee, donuts, you name it. On and on. I don’t like to buy my way into business relationships.

What I do

I just like to do a good job and hope that suffices. I don’t do radio shows or postcard mailers. I just do a good job.

Do you get passed off to someone else?

I am involved all the way through the mortgage transaction. I don’t pawn you off to a junior member of my team. While I do have assistants, who will talk to you, I’m involved all the way through, from start to finish.

Check my reviews

I simply rely on transparent online reviews from past clients on Yelp and Zillow and Google and more. I rely on word-of-mouth from past clients and their referrals. I rely on search engine optimization and content creation on the internet to educate people, help them find me here on my website. And hope they contact me after seeing that I do a good job.

What else is important?

I’m transparent, I have competitive rates, and I operate at a high level. And hopefully that rather than donuts and drinks and coming through a realtor referral, hopefully they come to me directly for better, more sound business reasons.

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