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How to use the Loan Tracking page

To use my loan tracking feature you would go to the tools navigation. Then click on loan tracking. And it’s going to show you something that looks like a game board.

It shows you the whole process

And this is going to show you starting with the loan application, every step in the process from loan application, to the checklist, loan disclosures.

At this point you should be receiving your supporting documentation. And at this point you should be receiving your signed loan disclosures. It gives you tips on movers, the appraisal, tells you that the appraisal should be received by this point, home owners insurance, your loan is submitted. Information on contractors if you need it, loan approval, homeowner’s insurance, title insurance.

At this point we should have received your title work, getting ready for settlement. Settlement documents have been sent to the title company. And settlement day.

It shows you detailed notes on each step of the process

And what you do is you click on each topic, and in the middle of the page will load notes on what happens for that particular part of the process.

So again, you start at loan application, click each square as you go around for tips and an idea of where you should be in the process and what you should be doing.

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