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I Delay Things And Then Get Angry

New homebuyer: Our offer was accepted last night on the house we wanted.

Friend Speaker 2: Congratulations!

New homebuyer: Our offer was accepted a few days ago on a house.

Workmate: Congratulations!

New homebuyer: I’m so excited our offer was accepted a week ago.

New homebuyer Spouse: I know. You went to Brian Martucci’s website to start the loan application already, right?

New homebuyer: I’ve been too busy at work. I will tonight.

New homebuyer Spouse: Did you start the loan application last night?

New homebuyer: I was really tired last night. I’ll do it today by lunch. The loan application’s done but there sure is a lot of paperwork to send in.

Brian Martucci: We’re sending you the loan disclosures to sign and return. We got a late start, so please send these back today.

New homebuyer: Attached are the signed disclosures that you need. Sorry, they’re a little late. I’ve been busy at work. I will get you all my financial documents ASAP.

Brian Martucci: We need you to send in your financial documents today. At this point, we’re really in a bind and may possibly miss your contractual settlement deadline.

New homebuyer: I’ll get this done right away. Attached are all the financial documents that you need. Sorry they’re a little late. I’ve been traveling for work.

Brian Martucci: Okay. I’ll let the realtors know that we’re not gonna be able to release the financing contingency on time. And likely won’t be able to settle on time.

New homebuyer: Wait. What? Why? What can we do to make this go faster? We have to meet the contractual deadline. And I have movers scheduled for the planned settlement date.

Brian Martucci: We’ll do our best. Don’t be this client, folks. Make time for your commitments.


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