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Interest Rates

Pablo: Hey, Brian. Can I help you?
Brian: Hey, do you know what’s going on with the market today?
Pablo: Yeah, consumer price index was up, unemployment figures were released and were down from last month.
Brian: Uh-oh.
Pablo: So job growth is up and you know what that means. Rates are going to go up this week.
Brian: Right. So, did you lock in my Doherty loan?
Pablo: Yes.
Brian: And did you lock in the Sanders loan?
Pablo: Yes.
Brian: And did you take care of the Douglas loan?
Pablo: Yes!
Brian: And did you – Pablo: Yes. It’s all taken care of.
Brian: Great.
Pablo: All right.
Brian: Thanks. Okay.
[Phone ringing]
Pablo: this is Pablo.
Tracy: Hey Pablo, it’s Tracy. I have Brian Martucci parked on two.