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Eric: Hey, Brian. What’s on your mind?
Brian: Hey, I’ve got a couple of questions. Did you look into upgrading the processing software so we can process our loans faster?
Eric: Yup, that’s been taken care of.
Brian: Great. How about the new underwriter? Is she going to be hired soon?
Eric: Yeah, she starts on Monday.
Brian: Great. And that new bank I mentioned we should look into to have more choices for the clients.
Eric: Yeah, we’re looking into that as well.
Brian: Great. And do you think we can – Eric: Um-hum, yeah.
Brian: And what are – Eric: Yeah, that’s all set.
Brian: And can we – Eric: Maybe.
Brian: All right, great. Thanks for your time.
Eric: Yeah.
Brian: All right.
[Phone ringing]
Eric: Hello, this is Eric. Yes, Brian. I promise we’ll take care of that as well. Don’t worry about it. Have a good weekend.