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My Business Philosophy

My Business Philosophy. I wanted to do a video about my work philosophy, which is pretty simple.

My Business Philosophy

“Do the best you can for your clients, and you will be rewarded. Fully educate the client, and you will be rewarded. Worry about the client’s wallet more than your own, and you will be rewarded. Treat people the way you’d like to be treated in a business transaction, and you will be rewarded. Help out if needed after the transaction is over, and you’ll be rewarded.”

Will we meet?

We will talk on the phone and email. I have a lot of resources on my website. We likely won’t meet. There simply is not the time to meet clients. If you are a hard-working successful loan officer, to lose the commute time to a meeting, parking, walking to the meeting. Sitting down and talking won’t be as optimal, since I won’t have a lot of the resources that I might have in my office. Then walking back to the car, driving back to the office. It turns into a two-and-a-half to even a three-hour time commitment to cover data I could convey in 15 minutes of email exchange or a 30-minute phone call.

Your time is just as valuable as mine

I try and find ways to economize on the time needed to educate you for both our sakes. I’m very available, I get back quickly, when called or emailed. I’m fair. I search for the best deals I can find for the consumer. I care. This is not only a job and an income stream for me, but it’s my reputation and my legacy. Thanks for watching.

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