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VA Approved Condo Search Tool

Hello, I wanted to show you a video on how to use the VA approved condominium search tool.

Why check the VA Approved Condo Search Tool?

To get a VA loan on a condominium, that condominium has got to be on the VA-approved condo list.

How do I search for a VA approved condo?

So you see the URL up here. And I’ll include that as a hyperlink in the text that I put below the video. But there’s only two things that you need to put in here to search. Click your state, let’s click District of Columbia. And let’s put in the name of the condominium, 1010 Massachusetts Avenue, Northwest. I happened to know it’s VA approved. I’m going to abbreviate 1010 Mass. When you’re doing a search, sometimes it’s good to abbreviate if it’s a long name. And then you just click “Submit.” That’s it. So State, Condo Name, and you click Submit.

And now we’ve got a return. But we got to see what the notes are. You click the plus sign, “Status accepted without conditions”. Wow, so this VA request goes back to June of 2014. It says, “The review is completed July of 2014.” No other notes. So I can only assume that this VA approval is still ongoing and current. So there’s times you’re going to need to speak to a lender, who may need to really make sure that the VA approval is still current.

How do I do a broader search?

I want to go back to the original home page and show you something else. Let’s say you want to see every single VA-approved condo. Let’s stick with the District of Columbia. All you do is type in the state or click the state, that’s it. Click Submit, don’t enter anything else. Now, we’ve got a laundry list of many different condominiums. As you can see in the District, that are VA-approved for VA financing.

I want to go back to the home page, let’s pick Maryland. No, let’s stick with DC. Let’s type in, it’s a condominium called the Flower Mill Condominiums. Let’s search on that, you click Submit. Okay, “No condos were found that matched the search criteria.” So that’s telling me that the Flower Mill Condominium is not on the VA-approved condo list. So unfortunately you cannot get VA financing in that building. You’ll have to consider conventional or see if it’s FHA-approved, which I addressed in another video.


I hope that helps. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions. Condo financing can be a little tricky, there’s a lot of moving parts. And let me know if I can help. Thanks very much. Contact me to discuss VA condo financing, mortgage rates, or other mortgage questions. Click here to schedule a call or you can email me directly.

VA Approved Condo Search Tool can be found here: