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What To Look For In A Loan Officer

What To Look For In A Loan Officer

New Homebuyer: Hi Susan, I just got a new cellphone. It’s great, and I just got a great deal on a car. See it outside? Shiny, huh? And I just bought a house and got the best mortgage ever.

Susan: Congratulations.

New Homebuyer: My realtor referred my lender because they’re buddies and they golf and drink together. And my lender brings donuts to my realtor’s office.

Susan: I chose Brian Martucci due to his efficiency, various lending sources, and technology.

New Homebuyer: You know, it did take a long time to even start the pre-approval process.

Susan: Brian’s online form took three minutes.

New Homebuyer: Hmm… It took one or two days to get my calls returned.

Brian Martucci: This is Brian, may I help you?

Susan: It’s Susan, just checking in.

Brian Martucci: Let me know if you need me. I’m here for you.

Susan: Will do. I’m enjoying my new home. Thanks again.

New Homebuyer: It took two days of phone tag and a 30-minute call to start the loan application.

Susan: Brian’s online form took 10 minutes on day one.

New Homebuyer: My loan officer was never available.

Susan: I always heard back from Brian same day.

New Homebuyer: I never knew the status on my loan.

Susan: I was sent regular status emails and I could go online to check the loan tracking tool.

New Homebuyer: After settlement, I never heard from my loan officer.

Susan: Brian contacted me and said he’d alert me in case rates dropped enough to refinance, told me when my first payment was due, sent an amortization schedule, and asked me to stay in touch with questions. He’s great.


Now you know what to look for in a loan officer!

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