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Picture of Kimberly Kanetzky - Assistant
Kimberly Kanetzky
(301) 761-1996 Office
NMLS #1669527

Many loan officers have large teams. These teams can consist of junior loan officers, other loan officers, assistants, marketers, copywriters, loan processors, and more. Loan officers that run large teams are doing just that, running their large teams. They are not working for you. When you contact a service provider but get passed off to one of many junior team members, that can be alarming and disappointing. If I contact a service provider I want them to be the one I develop a relationship with, and I want them to be the one who principally helps me in my transaction.

I have one team member, my assistant Kimberly. I will be the one to help you from pre-approving you, structuring your loan, updating you throughout the process, and following up after closing. I don’t pass you off to anyone! But you can always reach out to my assistant if I am unavailable, and you can expect to hear from Kimberly at certain points in the transaction.