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I love to talk to people! You can try to call me without an appointment, but it is almost impossible to connect by phone randomly. I am frequently on a video conference call, focused on a project, or talking on the phone already and we’ll end up playing a frustrating days long game of phone tag. And I know how frustrating it is when you need information and can’t get it quickly.

Please schedule a call with me by using the above button. However, I may not have time available the same day that you’d like to talk. If you would like a more immediate response to an inquiry, consider emailing me at or texting me. My cell phone number for a text is located near the upper right of this webpage.

I try hard to be efficient with my time so that I can be more efficient for the work that I do for my clients. If I picked up every single phone call all day long I’d never get any work done, you know how many telemarketers and scammers are calling all of us all day long! So, I hope you understand why there is the need to schedule calls to try and maximize efficiency when it comes to communicating.