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Brian Martucci (NMLS# 185421) has been in the mortgage industry for over 30 years. He represents Capital Bank Home Loans loans in all 50 states.

Brian acknowledges how challenging it may be to find the right home loan in New Jersey, whether you’re purchasing your first home, refinancing, or upgrading to build your dream home.

However, with Brian’s you will experience a simple and streamlined mortgage service that is free of stress. Furthermore, with decades of lending experience, he is able to provide solutions for practically everyone looking for a mortgage loan in New Jersey.

Brian gives advice and information on the best mortgage rates to fulfill their goals while remaining focused on their needs. Brian will meet your mortgage needs, whether you are a first-time home buyer, a move-up buyer, or a current homeowner looking for a personalized mortgage plan.

  • Product selection is extensive, with competitive pricing.
  • To keep track of the procedure, use the Loan Tracking Tool.
  • Secure your online mortgage application from start to finish.
    Since 1986, I’ve worked in the mortgage industry.
  • On most loans, everything is done in-house, which improves turnaround times and efficiency.
  • Each client is supported by a team of four employees.

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Brian commits to providing New Jersey clients with

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Competitive financing options

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A high level of customer service with an emphasis on “service”

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New residential home loans, refinancing existing loans, New Jersey FHA loans, etc.

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Transparent loan terms and processes

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Clients have full access to Brian - a premier New Jersey mortgage experience

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Brian never loses sight of the fact that he is serving people in their local communities by having a client-first mindset. Helping others realize their financial dreams is what he does best, because he understands that each person’s financial position is unique. When it comes to finding the best mortgage for your needs, Brian Martucci is a great choice for a mortgage lender in New Jersey.
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NMLS# 185421
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