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Brian Martucci (NMLS# 185421) always has his client’s best interest in mind. Brian has over 3 decades of experience in the mortgage industry and assists clients throughout all 50 states. To get trustworthy help from a top-rated residential mortgage lender, contact Brian today!

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Brian commits to providing New Jersey clients with

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Competitive financing options

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A high level of customer service with an emphasis on “service”

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New residential home loans, refinancing existing loans, New Jersey FHA loans, etc.

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Transparent loan terms and processes

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Clients have full access to Brian - a premier New Jersey mortgage experience


Brian provides fast turn around times and personalized service. Everything is done in-house on most loans which reduces turn times and increases efficiency. Brian wants to get you a competitive mortgage rate today!

Do you have additional questions or want to receive a PRE-APPROVAL for a new home loan? If so, connect with Brian! Brian is available to be contacted and connected with on a variety of platforms.

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NMLS# 185421
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