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Brian Martucci (NMLS# 185421) has over three decades of experience in the mortgage sector. In all 50 states, he lends for Capital Bank Home Loans.

Purchasing a home is not only one of the most significant decisions you will ever make, but it is also frequently life-changing. Putting down roots and establishing the life you desire is thrilling, and it provides you the confidence and freedom to pursue all of your goals. To begin the process, you need a trusted and experienced mortgage lender in Phoenix.

One of our major priorities is to educate and prepare you for every step of your journey. We pledge to keep you updated throughout the procedure, which is why our team is available at all hours of the day and night. It’s also critical for us to stay current with industry technologies, allowing for a smooth procedure that helps you achieve all of your mortgage financing objectives.

  • Product selection is extensive, with competitive pricing.
  • To keep track of the procedure, use the Loan Tracking Tool.
  • Secure your online mortgage application from start to finish.
  • Since 1986, I’ve worked in the mortgage industry.
  • On most loans, everything is done in-house, which improves turnaround times and efficiency.
  • Each client is supported by a team of four employees.

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Brian commits to providing Phoenix clients with

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Competitive financing options

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A high level of customer service with an emphasis on “service”

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New residential home loans, refinancing existing loans, Phoenix FHA loans, etc.

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Transparent loan terms and processes

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Clients have full access to Brian - a premier Phoenix mortgage experience


With a client-first mindset, Brian never loses sight of the fact that he is serving people in their own communities. Knowing that everyone’s financial situation is unique, he assists neighbors, friends, family, and community partners in discovering their financing alternatives and realizing their aspirations. Brian Martucci has excelled as a top mortgage broker in Phoenix, AZ by providing customized financing solutions.

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