Application Process


  1. STEP#1: Print or bookmark the appropriate Refinance Checklist or Purchase Checklist below to refer to later. Send in all required documents ASAP, it is critical we get this information as soon as possible. The list encompasses all loan and borrower types, and you will find some of it may not apply to your scenario.
  2. STEP#2: Complete the Loan Application. The time commitment should be 15-20 minutes. The forms are secure and encrypted, and will come directly to me. I will confirm receipt and next steps ASAP.
  3. If you are married complete one joint application together, single people living at the same address can complete one joint loan application, otherwise all singles living at separate addresses must fill in one loan application each.
  4. Make sure you list your name exactly as you want it to appear on the title/deed.
  5. Do the application all at once. DO NOT attempt to save your work and go back to it. Although it will tell you its possible, that function has had problems.
  6. Do not use commas or dollar signs for any numbers.
  7. Do not be too detailed when you fill out the form, simply use best estimates for all numbers. We do not need account numbers for your assets, we will get those from your account statements. Do not fill in any information on debts, these are automatically pulled from your credit report. If there is a question you do not know the answer to, skip it and go to the next one.
  8. After you submit the form you will see a page with a confirmation code, please take note of that.

Step 1

Complete the Loan Application

Step 2

View Documentation Checklist