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Tools for Realtors

The first button above shows Realtors a program we offer that checks to see if a property is eligible for appraisal waivers, before you write an offer!

The second button a short video welcome from me to any Realtors that don’t know me and might like to work with me.

The third button is a 57 second video overview of all of the Realtor tools that I provide to Realtors for free. I don’t want to be a lender that shows up with their hand out always asking for business. I try to provide a value-add and be a business partner to help you with your business plan.

The fourth button will take you to the actual Realtor tools, which you can review individually. There are tools that will help Realtors with education, condo listings, underwriting guidelines, and developing their own business plan. All for free!