RatePlug is a tool I use to bring my Realtor partners open house fliers and co-branded marketing. It is an online tool that integrates real-time mortgage payment and qualifying loan program comparisons within MLS property information. I can set up a Realtor for free under my premium subscription.

Statistics show that today’s home buyers have changed the way they search for a new home. 80% search and view property listings online (ie: via Realtor MLS, Search Engines, Realtor.com, Broker Websites), and once home buyers find a home of interest, 64% then search for mortgage information on other sites (Google, Yahoo, E-Loan, Lending Tree, etc). Why should we let the potential home buyer surf away from the website where they found the listing to look for detailed mortgage information? RatePlug keeps them fixed on the site they found the listing on! Home buyers spend more time viewing property listings (approximately 6.5 minutes per property) with this tool.

  1. Open House Fliers: This system alerts me when a new listing is entered into the system, so I am able to immediately email a PDF of an open house flier for the Realtor to put out on open houses. No more hunting down a loan officer and asking them to do an open house flier; its all automated, nothing for you to do.
  2. Co-Branded Marketing: The co-branded marketing presentation delivers mortgage information from me as the Loan Officer, as well as my Realtor partner, to any potential clients that come across a listing online that has the RatePlug tool. The marketing provides a detailed, interactive mortgage product and payment comparison to potential customers, and has my information as well as my Realtor partner’s information. It always helps to have our name, face and information out in front of the client as much as possible!
  3. Online Tool Within The MLS Listing: Using RatePlug, the homebuyer has the ability to view total monthly housing payments based on live rates, accurate taxes, assessments, and insurance information for each property they view. In addition, they can look at the lender’s menu of products and play “what if” with the numbers to find the mortgage program that best fits their home buying scenario. This is a service to the potential homebuyer, which they enjoy. It helps serve the Realtor by having potential homebuyers spend more time on their listings. Realtors can display their preferred lender(s), up to three total; myself and two others.

You can learn more about RatePlug by clicking here: RatePlug.