My Useful Blog

One of the things of which I am most proud is my blog, I’m proud of it because it takes an awful lot of time to write a good blog that really has a value add to the client and somebody wants to read it and read it all the way through. I do get a lot of good feedback.

I got some feedback on a blog about credit scores. The latest credit scores are rising. The minimum credit scores that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac require to get a loan through are rising and I blogged about this. I had somebody who emailed me and said, “Oh, my credit score is now apparently right on the bubble. I need to work on my credit score so I can meet the new minimums. Can you help me get my credit score higher?”

I had somebody who emailed me because they saw a blog that I wrote about interest rates and they said, “I’d like to talk to you about refinancing. I was not aware that interest rates are where they are. Does it make sense for me to refinance?”

I had somebody email me about a blog that I wrote on closing costs. How to shop closing costs, what the different closing costs are, what you should expect, what might be a gouge job and he shouldn’t expect to pay and I had some feedback on that. People were really happy that somebody put out there, in a public forum, what is the reality on closing costs and what should I expect.

For me to come up with three good blogs every week is difficult, but I do it and I’ve been blogging for about a year and a half now. I have maybe 150 posts and it’s become a real resource, both for myself and my clients and for random people that are searching a topic and find my website, which is great for me and my website to get some new traffic. But I know that it’s helping people based on the questions that I get.

I recently blogged about high investor condo loans, which are difficult to do. Recently, Fannie Mae has gotten more liberal on those types of loans and I wrote a blog about it and I decided to Google that topic and see how I ranked on the Google rankings. I found that I ranked number one in the discussion of high investor condos, so I was very proud about the fact that my blog is ranking high and that I’m bringing some value to people and more directly to my clients.