What Makes Brian Different

00:16 Speaker 1: We may as well get to know each other.

00:19 Speaker 2: I work as a quantitative behavior analyst.

00:22 S1: I’m a mortgage loan officer.

00:24 S2: I may buy a home, but when I talk to loan officers, they all say, “I put my clients first. I work hard. I’m available 24/7.” There’s no quantifiable data that I can analyze to determine if that person has superior service.

00:39 S1: Well, we use numerous funding sources. We’re a direct lender who does everything in-house. We have float down options. I’m in the top 1/10th of 1% of all loan officers nationwide. I have an online loan status tool. I have a team of four people to help the client. I’ve been in business since 1986. I’m not just passing through. I use my experience, blog, and tools on my website to focus on client education. We have low processing fees. We have construction loans. We offer many ways to avoid PMI on smaller down payment loans. And, well, there’s a lot more. Call me for details.

01:38 S2: I’ll be calling you soon!