About Brian

My name is Brian Martucci and the reason I enjoy the mortgage business is because it’s a constant challenge. It’s like putting together a new puzzle every day, which I enjoy, but I also enjoy the challenge of finding new tools and resources to make the transaction more beneficial for my clients.

I’ve got extensive experience in the mortgage business. This is all I’ve ever done. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I got out of college in 1986 and I’ve been in the mortgage business ever since. I’ve been a loan processor, a loan officer, a branch manager, a vice president and back again to loan office which is what I enjoy doing the most. Now, more than ever, it is absolutely critical to deal with somebody with experience. The guidelines have gotten so complicated. Banking has gotten so complicated. They really make it difficult to get a loan through and you need somebody that can execute and has been around a long time and knows what they’re doing.